CFL > Winter?

Something to think about…

Even though it was a beautiful day in Calgary for the CFL Western Finals and Ottawa gave us some “classic” CFL playoff football in a snowbowl, I’m still of the belief the CFL should back up the start of the season to the beginning of June.
Why not take advantage of warmer weather for the league and play their championship game at the end of October, or even the beginning of November? I’ve been to my fair share of Grey Cups and one of the main reasons to attend the festival is the activity surrounding the big game. Outdoor events at Grey Cup are more fun if the weather is even marginally better and people are more apt to go from one event to the other is they don’t have to trundle through a blizzard.

Start the regular season in June, take advantage of springtime weather and get an extra month in gear before fans disappear on summer vacation. Minimize the cold weather games where big winter jackets and blankets reduce the comfort of those seats even more.

Role of the Media

There’s been a lot of “discussion” over the role of the media lately. In my world, it should be responsible for calling out someone in a role of authority who has spouted a non-truth. It should be used to give both sides of a controversial issue without weighing in on a side, in the immortal words of Dragnet’s Joe Friday, “…just the facts ma’am!” That’s the role of media, ensure the public are aware of the facts.